jueves, 13 de noviembre de 2014


Nobody knows that your reality consists of overthinking everything you’ve ever done in your life. You don’t even know how you sleep or get anything done because of all the noise in your head. 

You’re the most sensitive person ever trapped in the body of a person who looks like they’ve never been fazed by anything ever. Everyone thinks you have your chill, but you have never had your chill. You are the actual opposite of chill.

You do a lot of things very well because you’re in competition with past versions of yourself all the time, so it actually gives the illusion of confidence and incredible forward momentum. 

To be fair, you do have brief periods of feeling very confident, which tends to make you more social. So, every time you are in your most confident state, you hang out with your friends and keep reinforcing this idea of yourself.  

It’s a cycle that you. cannot. stop. perpetuating.